Our Friend Peter Viljoen's Hunt In Mozambique in November 2000



A view of our base camp, Kanguma paradise camp in Northern Mozambique

Being dropped off to look for dagga bulls in typical riverine forest growth, note density of the bush

Starting a 4 hour trek into the swamps across the flood plain. I am closest to the camera acting as tail gunner.

Peter V (left) and Johan VS experiencing a hard day at the office (after walking 20 kms in 45 Celsius heat)

In the swamps, this is the kind of trail that a large herd of buffalo leaves when departing in a hurry. Note the head high razor grass, which lets you stalk in real close if the wind is favourable.

My "Dagga Bull" taken on the edge of the razor grass and reeds, he obligingly ran into the open before collapsing

Another view of the same bull, fair spread but with nice boss and a big body and loads of character and scars

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Last updated November 23rd, 2000