Our Loading Room

We've had a few requests of how our loading room is set up, so here are a few photos which I hope will give you some idea of how it is.


This photo was taken from the entrance door. You can see our computer on the right, the glassed in area behind the desk is our shooting area. It has double glazing, which means we can carry on a normal conversation in the loading area while someone is shooting without any bother.

This is an L shaped loading bench we have put in the middle of the room to give extra working space. You can see its right side in the first photo. It has an L bracket steel frame, and a 3" wood on top. We either have tools mounted permanently or temporary, as you can see with this Wilson case trimmer. Small shelves on the rear of the bench are useful for keeping some tools on.

Another view showing the benches against the wall, and the storage space underneath. The corner in the middle of the photo is where we clean our rifles. The colored - red, yellow and blue - storage bins hold different size VFG cotton cleaning swaps.

This is our loading bench which I have mentioned above. The RCBS loading press can be seen on the left. Beyond that is the red cabinet where we store our reamers - about 170 different cartridge so far. On top of that shelf can be seen our engraving machine.

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Last updated December 30th, 2000