The Classic Seven !

Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you the Classic Seven. All are based on a shortened and improved 30-30 case with identical headspacing (so you gunsmiths will only have to purchase one headspace gage) and the hot 35 degree shoulder. These prints are designed around new Winchester 30-30 brass and should require no neck turning in most cases, but please consult your gunsmith. If neck turning is desired, please contact Dave Kiff at Pacific Precision. The throating is with the specific bullets that we have chosen (Please feel free to call our office to see which bullet we used for the reamer print.) Make sure and tell Dave, which bullet you plan to use so he can make the reamer accordingly. For the complete a story, see our editorial. A classic cartridge for a classic rifle!

17 Classic

20 Classic

22 Classic

6mm Classic

25 Classic

6.5 mm Classic

7mm Classic

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Last updated March 19th, 2001