A Bench Rest Shoot In The Desrt

The firing line. The back stop was cut into the side of a sand dune. Shooters had the choice of shooting prone, off a table - in which case they have to provide the table themselves, or just sitting. There were no rules to speak of. You could use any rifle, with any chambering, both center fire and rim fire were allowed. In fact, one shooter was shooting a 22 Long Rifle.

Another view of the firing line. You can see a shooter lying prone practicing.

This is a Tanner match rifle. It is made in Switzerland, and shoot extremely well. Notice how the shooter has modified a truck jack to use as a front rest!

This is another Tanner rifle. A very sturdy rifle rest here. Notice how the rifle is tied to the rest. 

This is an H&K military sniper rifle

This is an Accuracy International military sniper's rifle

This senior gentleman was shooting his old Husqvarna 6.5x55. The shooter next to him has his modern Tanner rifle.

The participants in the shoot. The winner is sitting down, 4th, from the right. He was using a Remington 40X in 308 Winchester. You can see the green MTM ammo box in his hand. Second was the gentleman standing holding his rifle in the back row. He was using a Sako single shot rifle in 6PPC.

Last updated March 11th, 2001

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