Rifle Collection 17

Blaser R-93 left hand action in 7x64 Brenneke. It has a 23" barrel and a Leupold 2.5-8 scope.

A custom built Remington 700 ADL. It has a 25 1/2" fluted barrel and a Leupold BR-24 scope.

We call this one the "Flying Rifle", as it normally flies out of shooters hands, as you can see from our videos. It is made by A-Square, Hannibal Model rifle in 577 Tyrannosaur. It has a 23" barrel.

A 20 Vartag Turbo built on the Sako S 491 action. It has a 24" barrel.

We built this light weight rifle on the Hall BR action, and chambered for the 260 Remington. It has a 22" barrel, and a Leupold 6.5-20 for testing purposes. A light scope of about 3-9 would be installed later on.

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Last updated August 18th, 2000