Croc And Hippo

Look towards the center of the photo, you can see a rock behind that tree bending to the left with two branches forming a Y. Just above that, and slightly to the right, the dark brown object is the hippo. He is facing to the left.

Roy thought he might be close to 40 years old

Wounds on the hippo. You can also see some liquid oozing from his skin. Apparently this this some sort of blood that has anti-septic properties

All the little dots over his body are liquid spot coming out of his skin It also keeps his skin moist against the sun.

Close up of the blood coming out of his pores.

Philip and Robert, our trackers. Alan and our game scout and Todd, Dwight and myself at the back

This hippo had a long moustache

His tung which has parts of it missing

See how much oil there is in his hip join

This is the pool he had as him home. Where it opens up at the top is towards a sandy river, which also has some water in it.

This might give you an idea of how thick his skin is

Four nice big toes!

His upper jaw. You can see he is missing some teeth

This one of his lower teeth, decaying with a hole in it.

Quite a bit of hair on his tail

They are butchering the hippo just to the left in this photo, and we are having lunch in the shade next to them.

Pepper steak. Better than any 5-star restaurant can ever offer!

Alan holding the hippo heart

Roy and Robert pulling our croc from the river

We are on the shores of "paradise island" as Todd called it a few days earlier when we had lunch on this sand bar. We never saw a single croc around at all!

As usual, it seems all crocs loose parts of their anatomy during their lives. This one seems to have done better than other we have seen.

A lovely, smiling face! You can see the opening on top of his head. That part flew and landed about 30 feet on a tree by the river bank as the bullet hit him. Alan is holding that piece below.

This might give you an idea of the size of his teeth