I've had this board on my wall for quite a while. We were having some fun by trying to guess all those strange cartridges - they all exist - but no one has managed to tells what they all are.

So we thought of sharing this with our friends on this forum, and offer this as a contest.

We will make it as simple as possible, so here are the RULES:


1. Any registered member of our forums can participate.

2. Each member can have up to TEN tries.

3. All answers are to be sent to me at -

4. The contest will run until the end of October, but if anyone has the right answer before then, he wins it, and the contest will be considered closed. This means that the first correct answer wins. If no complete correct answer is received by then, the answer with highest correct score will wins.

5. The prize consists of a custom built rifle, based on a Remington 700, in stainless steel, the action would be blue printed and trued, and  a Jewel trigger will replace the factory trigger, a Sako extractor will be installed, a Hart #5 match grade, stainless steel, fluted barrel will be chambered for the 270 Ackley Improved, a McMillan classic stock will be fitted to it, together with a Leupold 2.5-8X scope.

6. All replies are to include correct full name and mailing address. This is so we can keep track of each person's entries.


There you have it.

The rifle is being built by Dwight Scott, those who are involved in bench rest shooting will know that he won the Super Shoot either last year or the year before, and I understand that the gentleman who won it this year, did so with a rifle built by Dwight. Dwight has built several rifles for me, and I must admit, regardless of how hard I try, I just cannot make them like he does.

I wish you all the best of luck.

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