This is our new 700 Nitro Express rifle. We built it on a German made 50BMG single shot action. The rifle weighs 17.5 pounds, a 24 inch barrel, front bead sight and rear leaf sights. The stock is custom made for it. We named it the 700 VINCENT MICRO EXPRESS, in honour of our favourite professional hunter, Roy Vincent. Roy likes large calibers, and we thought if he ever managed to have a break from his ordeal of guiding so called hunters. Who hardly ever manage to shoot straight. Their usual habit is either shooting too low or too high. Too far back or too far forward. And those who don't even know how to operater the bolts of their rifles! Then this is the caliber he would choose to to take varmint hunting.

This is Hite Sinclair, he was told that he had to shoot it as soon as the pictures were taken!

The ammo above are a 577 Tyrannosaur with a 750 grain Woodleigh SP, a 600 NE empty, a 600 NE with a 900 grain Woodleigh solid, a 450 Martini Henry with a cast bullet reload and finally a 308 Winchester with a 180 RWS factory SP.

Another view of the action

This is the 577 Tyrannosaur loaded round inside the muzzle of the 700 NE

A 600 NE round in the muzzle to give you an idea of the barrel. When the 600 is inserted into the muzzle, only about a 1/2" remains outside.

600 NE round inserted into the muzzle of the 700 NE.



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Last updated 18 November 1999