Hunting In The Selous With Vincent Safaris August - September 2006

As many of you already know, we have been hunting with our friends the Vincents for many years. And everyone in our party was looking forward to enjoying another great hunt this year too. We were not disappointed. We all had an absolutely great time. Even Walter managed to shoot a zebra and a wildebeest. These two animals have been very difficult for him. In fact, the day he shot his zebra, we all decided that was an incredible feat for him to achieve. We fired a shot about half a kilometer from camp - this is a sign for the camp staff to prepare for the KABOGI KABOGI. Which is normally reserved for one shoots a lion or a leopard. More of this later. Walter, Horst and his wife Anna-Marie, Todd, Dwight and Enrique came along for this hunt. During our last week, Chris and Don joined us before going off with Alan Vincent to enjoy their own hunt with him on another concession.


This a view of the Ruaha River as we flew over it just before we landed. Our camp was about 30 minutes drive from this area.

Todd, Dwight, Roy, Alan, Horst, Anna-Marie, Walter, Enrique, Saedi and Philip as we landed at the air strip.

Chairs around the fire place outside the breakfast hut in the background.

We were welcomed with drums and dancing by the staff. Mama Salama, one of our game scouts, is seen in the foreground joining in the fun.

If you look carefully, you can see our tents under the trees. The fireplace shown previously is at the left of the photo.

Our first buffalo. We saw the herd as we were driving. Lucky for us the wind was in our favor. So we wasted no time trying to get close to the herd, and see if we could shoot one. The herd was resting in a dry river bed, surrounded by high grass. We managed to get to the edge of the grass, which put us about 100 yards from them. Several bulls could be seen lying down. But, as they had others behind them, we decided not to shoot one unless he was completely clear, or if one offered a raking shot. We waited quite a while before this one offered us a shot. As he turned towards us, I put a 300 grain Walterhog bullet into his chest. He took off with the rest of the herd to our right. He ran a few yards and we saw him tumble. We continued after the herd for a few hundred yards trying to shoot another bull. Eventually we decided to leave them and collect our bull. We found him lying dead in the grass. After skinning and butchering him, we found a tree and made ourselves comfortable for lunch.

He must have had his ear split in half by a fight with another bull. Every single animal we shot had some sort of injury.

Walter, Roy and Enrique making themselves comfortable for lunch

We wanted bait for a leopard. And when we found some impala feeding by the river bank, we stalked them and shot this one.

Alan and Walter decided to have the impala heart for a snack. Here is Alan after having prepared it for the fire.

The master chef is at work. He cooked us several BBQs to everyone's delight.

One of the few baobab trees we have seen this year in this area

You can the relative size of this trunk. Todd, Dwight and their PH, Pete Waddellow

Some impala that come to feed by the river bank in front of our camp

We followed a herd of buffalo for a while, then shot one of them. Alan and Philip went to get the truck, which was about 4 Km by GPS. Alan and Philip went to get the truck. I decided to go along with them. After we got into our truck, we saw a white patch through the bush. We went to investigate. We found this giraffe. At first we though he was killed by lions, and our hopes were raised that we might find the male we wanted here. As we got closer, we could see the giraffe breathing. Then we saw the wire tied to his hind legs. He tried to get up as we got closer. Alan went up to him and held his head down. Then Philip took over that job, while Alan got a pair of pliers and proceeded to cut the wires off the giraffe's legs. After we cut him loose, he tried to get up and failed. We covered him with green branches to lessen the effect of the sun and left him.

Both of his legs were clamped together

We drove by him after collecting our buffalo, but, sadly he was dead.

Plenty of giraffes on this concession

My friend Todd and his zebra.

Our game scout and trackers lunch, which we enjoyed sharing. Liver, heart and kidneys

A wonderful e to have a midday break

Sunset as seen from our camp.

We were driving along one morning, when we saw this leopard about 20 yards from our track. He turned towards as as you can see in this photo. We took several photos and a few minutes of video of him before he decided to disappear into the bush.

The leopard just as he turned to leave